Rust Stain Removal Service in Tampa

You found an unsightly orange stain on your concrete or pavers and want it out fast! 

Maybe you already tried and failed to get it out by yourself with a commercial cleaner. 

This is not the time to DIY. If the wrong treatment is used, the acidic nature of the solution can cause damage to the surface! It’s best to call professionals who can get it out quickly and effectively.

And Premier Pro Wash & Seal are experts at rust removal!

You believe it’s rust, but did you know that there are multiple types of rust stains and each one needs to be treated differently? 

You don’t have to determine what caused the rust stain because that’s our job.

When we arrive, the first thing we do is identify the stains.

Common rust stains include:

  • Fertilizer Rust Stains
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Rust Stains
  • Battery Acid Rust Stains
  • Vehicle Radiator Rust Stains

But these aren’t the only reasons for metal corrosion staining in the Tampa Bay Area.

Florida’s salty sea air and high humidity will corrode just about any metal that it’s exposed to. 

If metal is left to sit on or above pavers, travertine, or cement, the moisture from morning dew or rain can carry corrosion onto the surface of your patio, pool deck, walkways, or driveway.

Fertilizer Stains

Fertilizers are fortified with iron.  When they are distributed carelessly, some of the fertilizer scatters across your driveway or sidewalks. 

It’s important to clean it up right away because the smallest amount of moisture will cause fertilizer-pellet-sized rust stains sprinkled around your property.

Irrigation Sprinkler Stains

Irrigation sprinklers can distribute iron laden water in every direction. Well water is known for its high iron levels. Whenever iron and water mix, corrosion follows. That’s why the water becomes yellowish or even brown. 

Whatever surface this water touches will slowly be dyed by the rust. First the stains will look light yellow, then orange, and if completely ignored, the surface will acquire a thick coating of brown rust. 

Leaking Battery or Radiator

When you park a car or truck on your driveway, a lot of metal hangs above those pavers or travertine. 

Of course, if your vehicle is in good working condition, you have little to worry about, but if your battery or radiator are leaking, it could result in an ugly orange spot.

Safe Rust Stain Removal Services in the Tampa Bay Area

Restore your residential or commercial property with cleaning professionals who specialize in rust removal. Premier Pro Wash & Seal uses a biodegradable, non-abrasive solution that will not cause discoloration or etching.

You can put your rust problems behind you after getting in touch with Premier Pro Wash & Seal.

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