Pool Deck and Screen Enclosures

With towel in hand, you walk barefoot over your pool deck. It’s a hot day in Florida, and you’re ready to have fun in the water. And then you notice it…

Your pool deck is green and your pool enclosure is filthy! Not only does it look gross, it smells weird too.

The weather in the Tampa Bay Area is wet, humid, and hot, causing microorganisms to thrive, and that’s not great news. It means Pool decks, cages, and enclosures in Florida need consistent maintenance to stay looking good all year round.

You may want to clean it yourself to save money, but the chances of damaging that delicate screen is extremely high. If you do manage to clean it without harming your property, the algae and mold will come back quickly, requiring you to wash them frequently.

That’s exhausting!

Pool screens are a huge investment, but one that can last many years IF you take care of them properly. Having your pool decks, cages, or enclosures washed by a professional will remove the dirt and foreign invaders safely and effectively.

And the microorganisms will stay off for much longer!

Why Hire a Professional to Clean your Enclosure?

That’s right! When you hire Premier Pro Wash & Seal to clean your pool deck and screen enclosures, you won’t need to have a technician come out as often as you think.


The secret is in the science.

Pool decks and screen enclosures are around constant moisture. That moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for algae, mold, and mildew that hitch a ride on the wind and land there. Storm winds and rain bring loads of dirt to outdoor surfaces which becomes food for your new unwelcome guests.

Algae, mildew, mold, and bacteria are living creatures that are impossible to see with the naked eye until they multiply enough to be a big problem. That’s when you notice that they have established entire colonies in your backyard.

So you wage war and wash them away with pressurized water. But that doesn’t actually kill them. You’re only pushing them around. The surface may look clean, but if you swabbed it, put it into a petri dish, and examined it under a microscope, you would find that it was still teeming with life.

Pressure washing a surface may seem fast and easy to do, but it doesn’t actually solve anything. After some time passes, the living ones you left behind recover and grow back.

What is the Solution to Getting a Clean Pool Enclosure?

The solution is in the solution. Don’t get it? Keep reading!

Our special cleaning solution allows us to provide you with a safe and longer lasting clean because it kills all the spores and other unwanted organisms taking up residence on your screens, frames, and deck.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal highly trained technicians clean with low pressure that won’t damage delicate features and use our special solution to provide you with a gentle and super effective clean. We let chemistry do the work for us, not a high volume of pressure. After we soft wash your lanai screens and frames, you will be amazed at the results you receive!

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Our quote includes cleaning the screens, the frames inside and out, and the pool deck itself. Prices start at $240!

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