Top Rated Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Service in Dover, FL

When you need your pavers washed, sanded, and sealed with expertise, you can count on the team at Premier Pro Wash & Seal to deliver stunning results.

What is soft washing a house - before and after. |  Premier Pro Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Service in Dover, FL.When the side of your home, driveway, pool deck or building looks discolored, dirty, or green with algae growth, you need an expert to wash away the grime and rejuvenate those surfaces.

Your property in Dover, FL, will only look its best after experts in the field use their knowledge and experience to renew the exterior of your home or business. We are proud to serve the homes and businesses in Dover with courtesy, speed, and precision.

Let's face it, your residence or commercial property in Hillsborough County is a reflection of who you are. It’s an investment that deserves the best treatment to achieve picture-perfect curb appeal. The experts at Premier Pro Wash & Seal can help you keep your outdoor surfaces spotless and protected.

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When You Hire Premier Pro Wash & Seal, We Promise to Provide:

  • Certified Professionals
  • Top Quality Craftsmanship
  • Environmentally friendly detergents and chemicals
  • Excellent Customer Service

Soft wash example - soft wash vs pressure wash. |  Premier Pro Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Service in Dover, FL.Tiffany and Jeremy vow to bring the same steadfast dedication, morals, and standards that they held during their time serving the Air Force to your front door. Through love, Premier Pro Wash and Seal was born and it continues to thrive everyday with the teamwork of a strong and determined couple.

They take every opportunity to learn more and improve their business so that you can receive the best that the industry has to offer. And what exactly do we offer?

Our Services in Dover Include:

Building Exteriors - Driveways - Lanai - Patios - Pool Decks

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Certified Professionals to Maintain a Beautiful PropertyVinyl fence cleaning before and after. |  Premier Pro Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Service in Dover, FL.

Did you know a license isn’t required in Florida to run a pressure wash business?

Don’t be a victim to novice pressure washers chasing after your money! Using the wrong techniques, equipment, or detergents can damage your property, costing you thousands in repairs.

Feel secure knowing that the professionals at Premier Pro Wash & Seal have been educated and certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners to wash your property with the utmost precision.

We know what methods are best to give you the results you deserve without worry or hassle.

Premier Pro Wash & Seal isn’t your average wash and seal service.

When you choose Premier Pro Wash & Seal, you receive the best craftsmanship you can find in the Dover area of Florida.

The methods, techniques, and products applied to your property will be of the highest quality. Our technicians are expertly trained to produce consistent results that you can feel confident about.

You take pride in your home, and we take pride in our work. Schedule an appointment with us to make your residence or business look spectacular.

Earth Friendly Services for Environmental Safety

The people of Dover, FL go above and beyond for there homes and businesses and so does Premier Pro Wash & Seal!

The safety of you, your family, and our planet matters. By using environmentally safe methods to clean your property, we do our part to make our world a better and healthier place. Each detergent, chemical, and material we use has been tested and certified to be safe and effective.

Excellent Customer Service

Dover Paver Sealing. |  Premier Pro Pressure Washing and Paver Sealing Service in Dover, FL. Time is valuable. That’s why we work on your time and provide you with a service you can count on. Your property will look and perform at its best when we leave because of the extra precautions we take for our customers.

Watch out for pressure and soft wash service providers who don’t respect your things! Your delicate plants, outdoor furniture, electrical outlets, doorbells, and security cameras could be injured if they are not protected properly!

We at Premier Pro Wash & Seal always take care to move your furniture and secure plastic over fragile electrical fixtures and decorations. Your complete satisfaction is our priority!

Anyone can start up a wash and seal business but few master the art and science of the process. Choose a premier service from people that cares about you and your property.

Hire Wash and Seal Professionals you can trust!

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