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At Premier Pro Wash & Seal, we don’t just wash and seal Brandon, Florida’s residential and commercial properties! We do it with skill, professionalism, and passion! Your home or business is in safe hands. 

It’s hard to keep your pavers looking nice with the weather conditions we brave in Brandon, Florida. If the sun isn’t beating down destructive UV rays, a storm is battering your house, driveway, pool deck, or patio. 

You should have these surfaces thoroughly washed for regular maintenance. Seal pavers and travertine tiles to lengthen their life and restore their beauty. 

Don’t let dirt, mold, algae, and lichens reduce your curb appeal. Let Premier Pro Wash & Seal do the dirty work and make your property look incredible again. 

Step 1 - Safety

When we pull up to your home in Brandon, Florida, our first priority is to make sure that your belongings are safe. Before we start cleaning, we make sure that your delicate plants, electrical outlets, doorbells, light fixtures, and outdoor furniture are out of harm’s way and covered with plastic.

Step 2 - Preparation

In order to give your property the best cleaning possible, we carefully study the area you hire us to clean and look for tough spots or stains that won’t come off with pressure or soft wash methods. If you have oil stains, rust, hard water, or efflorescence, we will pre-treat these stains with the appropriate eco-friendly chemicals. 

Step 3 - Pressure Wash or Soft Wash

We focus on superior customer experience and value, serving Brandon, Florida residents, and businesses with the utmost care. With proper training, years of experience, and attention to detail, we will help your outdoor surfaces be at their best for as long as possible.

Using high pressure with scalding water is unnecessarily harsh and can cause damage to buildings, fences, and pool screens. We carefully pressure-wash concrete and pavers. Everything else is soft-washed.

Step 4 - Sanding Pavers 

If your pavers are being cleaned, the next step is to add the right amount of sand to the joints. This process is known as "re-sanding."

The sand we use is not your average sandbox or beach sand. It’s coarse-grain silica sand that gets into the joints and stays there. To keep the joints clean and mitigate bacteria, mold, and other nasty surprises, we only use filtered sand.

Step 5 - Sealing Pavers and Travertine Tiles

We recommend that our customers take advantage of our professional-grade water-based sealant which can be applied to a wet surface without worry. Solvent-based sealants will trap moisture under the coat of sealer and cause many problems, but a water-based sealant will allow moisture to escape. 

Travertine tiles and pavers are a serious investment, and you want them to last as long as possible. Sealing travertine tiles and pavers will revitalize their color, increase your property's perceived value, and maintain its longevity.

Step 6 - Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is more than just an option for us. We take pride in our reputation and want you to be happy. We take every step possible to ensure your contentment in our work. 

If you own a home or business East of Tampa Bay in Brandon, Florida, and you are interested in having your lanai, pool screen, driveway, building, fence, patio, or curb cleaned and/or your pavers or travertine tiles sealed, contact us and receive a free quote!

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