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Premier Pro Wash & Seal for Apollo Beach, Florida

pool tile before and after pressure washingAre you thinking about relaxing on your lanai, breathing in that salty sea air at Apollo Beach? Maybe you want to soak up some rays next to your pool.

However, before you call over your friends and family to your home, look at the outside of the house and decide what maintenance measures need to be tackled first.

What has been growing on your driveway, the side of your house, or in your pool? It could be algae, mildew, or lichens, and maybe even mold. You could try to take care of it, but when you ask yourself, "How hard could it be?" The answer is, "Very."

You might be capable of the time-consuming labor, but do you know the specific requirements of each material you clean? If you use pressure washing where it shouldn’t be used or apply the wrong chemicals, it could permanently damage the surface,  reduce your home value and the lifespan of those elements of your property.

Do you really want to commit to buying a different solution for every area of your home? That might just cost you as much as it would to hire a professional service like Premier Pro Wash and Seal to do the job for you!

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Why struggle when you can have it done quickly and effectively?

We wash:

  • Houses
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Fences
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Pool decks
  • Screen enclosures

If your driveway or pool deck has been around for a few years and needs a pick me up, we are trained experts at sealing those travertines and pavers!

Cleaning Your Property in Apollo Beach for Curb Appeal and Peace of Mind

fence before and after pressure washingPremier Pro Wash & Seal only soft washes (never pressure washes) homes and fences with a special, professional-grade cleaning solution, to get them perfectly clean without harming the surface.

Don’t forget to look down! Plant-life and single-celled organisms were having a party on your property all year long, and their populations are growing. They have officially moved in, and it’s time to evict them before they wreck your pavers, travertines, and concrete.

If you have tried to clean these yourself, you may have noticed that they pop back up again in the same spot. That’s not a coincidence. Not all cleaning products are created equally. They often eliminate the invader at the top of the surface and leave traces of it behind. Over time, they grow back as if they were never removed in the first place... because they weren’t.

Hire the professionals and feel secure that the area has been thoroughly cleaned, and all contaminants have been completely eradicated.

When you want the job done right, contact your local veteran-owned company, Premier Pro Wash & Seal, and be assured that your property is in good hands.

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Not in Apollo Beach? Here is a list of some of the other areas we serve: 

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