best paver sealer for best results

Best Paver Sealer: The Importance of Quality

The best method to safeguard your paver investment is to seal them. But there are virtually endless options, but the most important choice is between water-based or solvent-based paver sealer. If you live in Florida, you are in luck because…

paver sealer

How Paver Sealer is Used Correctly

Nature can be ruthless, especially in Tampa, Florida. Between sweltering days and hurricanes, your pavers can’t escape the abuse of heat and moisture.  Not only do the sunlight, rain, and wind contribute to the deterioration of your pavers, but they…

hire a profesional paver sealing for great results like this

Why You Should Invest in a Professional Paver Sealer for Your Pavers

Maintaining your paver’s beauty and function requires care. And you have plenty of options, from DIY projects to professional services, and everything in between. There is also a wide range of stain removers, sealers, and tools.  But not every choice is…

warning about hiring a cheap contractor

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Contractor for Paver Sealing

When you see discounts and deals, it’s easy to get caught in the hype. After all, that cash can be spent in better places! But when it comes to home maintenance, you shouldn’t hire a cheap contractor for paver sealing. …

How to choose a professional contractor to wash your house

How to Choose a Professional Contractor to Wash Your House

Why choose a professional contractor for your house? For many people, their home has emotional significance: It’s full of memories that make it invaluable. But no matter how much we love it, our house will get dirty. Mold, pollen, algae,…

Tips for saving costs on paver repair

How Can You Save on Your Paver Repair?

Are you reducing your concrete paver’s beauty and longevity? If you don’t wash and seal your pavers, you are! And paver repair could become expensive! Pavers are a big investment with huge rewards. They increase your home’s curb appeal and…

Red flag warning - pressure washer damage

Pressure Washer Damage: How Pressure Washing Can Ruin Your Property

The dog days of summer are coming to Florida, and so is hurricane season. We might not be looking forward to it, but guess who is? The algae and weeds!  Ah, yes. Those unwelcome guests will flaunt their green stuff…

Avoid contractor nighmares when driveway washing and sealing

Contractor Nightmares: When Bad Contractors Wash and Seal Your Driveway in Florida

Everyone thinks that washing and sealing a driveway is simple, but there is a right way and a wrong way. When a driveway is handled poorly, the results can cost you thousands of dollars in damages! Have you or someone…

Avoid these mistakes when vinyl fence pressure washing

Vinyl Fence Pressure Washing Mistakes

Vinyl fences can be affordable and attractive additions to any home, but their biggest drawback is how quickly they get dirty. One solid storm can turn your shining fence posts into muddy and algae-covered monstrosities.  As regular maintenance, you should…

soft wash instead of house pressure washing

House Wash Disasters: House Pressure Washing Gone Wrong

Your house looks filthy from the outside. Its healthy glow and curb appeal have vanished and all that’s left is a greenish-gray mess that won’t fix itself.

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